Blowing Rock Main Street Cam Debuts!

We’ve had a few cameras installed in downtown Blowing Rock over the years, but THIS is the location that we always wanted! There is no better location within the village of Blowing Rock to showcase all the makes this great, little mountain community so popular than the corner of Main Street and Sunset Drive.

After several years trying to make that happen, we’ve done it thanks to the colaboration of Jim & Iris Thurtle who own the building, Josh Johnson (a local realtor who shares our desire to promote the area) and Blue Ridge Mountain Club of Blowing Rock.

This new camera offers a LIVE STREAMING camera location that will enable us to share the gorgeous Autumn color that is already on the way – as the season approaches. We’ll be able to show off the town’s tourism traffic for some people watching, as well as the numerous parades that take place each year (the Christmas Parade is right around the corner!)…and WinterFest’s fun will be witnessed by all who can’t make it in person.

The Blowing Rock Park is in camera view with many angles to show off the park’s visitors and more. Blowing Rock’s Christmas and town lights are viewable as night falls and this will be a great camera view each time we receive good snowfall this winter.

We hope you enjoy it and please visit our advertisers who help us make these live cams available to you. Enjoy. Feel free to email me at [email protected]

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