Ober Mountain

Gatlinburg, TN - Currently: 63°F, Clear sky

The Ober Mountain webcam is located at the base of the ski resort and aimed more often than not at the snow tubing hill in the winter and at the amusement park and water slide in the Spring, Summer and Autumn. Ober Mountain is a ski resort and amusement park offering four seasons of fun and entertainment overlooking Gatlinburg, Tennessee. You can ski in the winter, ride the chairlift to see the Great Smoky Mountains at their finest in the summer and even see fall colors explode in the fall. Ober Mountain offers the ONLY aerial tram serviced ski area in the Southeast and Mid Atlantic.

No matter whether you’re interested in how much snow is on the ground before you hit the slopes in the wintertime or if you’re heading to Gatlinburg to enjoy a long weekend in the summer time, this camera is your one-stop tool for up to the minute live action views of what’s going on at Ober Mountain Resort. For stunning views of Ober Mountain Ski Resort and Amusement Park check out this Unique Mountain Webcam, where the fun is unfolding daily!