The Bluffs on Blue Ridge Parkway

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Beginning in the spring of 2021, travelers can once again enjoy a home-style meal at The Bluffs Restaurant at Doughton Park at milepost 241 on the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina.

In 1949, The Bluffs became the first dining establishment to open on the scenic route and served customers for 61 years. Generations of families made the restaurant a destination after a day of hiking nearby trails or nights spent at the neighboring campground or lodge.

After the restaurant closed in 2010, the facility fell into disrepair. Thanks to donations to the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation, the building has been renovated to mirror the original look of the former coffee shop. For many visitors, The Bluffs will seem just as they remember it, with green checkerboard floors, the old-fashioned lunch counter, and the same Parkway photos hanging at opposite ends of the dining room.

The Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and the primary fundraising partner for the Blue Ridge Parkway, providing support for initiatives along the 469-mile route, including historical and cultural preservation, natural resource protection, visitor amenities, and education and outreach programs. For more information, visit

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