Boone NC Realtors: Madison Doble of Keller Williams High Country Sets Sights On a Career in Real Estate

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Interested in Looking at Homes for Sale in Boone NC? Have a Dream of Owning Your Own Piece of Blowing Rock NC Real Estate?

You might want to consider new, Realtor, Madison Doble as your choice as a real estate agent. Why, you ask? Let’s first dive into what got Madi interested in real estate and why now? We chatted with Madi recently to get the low down.

We asked, “So Madison, with all of the talk about high interest rates, high inflation and low inventory, why get into real estate now?”

She answered, “As my dad is fond of saying, ‘everything is about timing’ and there’s not much I could do about the appearance of bad timing to enter real estate as a career realtor. I went to high school in Boone and then attended Virginia Tech in Blacksburg. My focus there was on marketing of every genre, and my minor was in real estate and real estate law during my final year. I graduated from Virginia Tech in 2022. I then immediately set my sights on getting licensed in real estate. So the timing just kind of happened.”

ResortCams: So now you’re licensed and with Keller Williams High Country of Boone. Why Keller Williams?

Madison: “I spoke with a few local firms and a close realtor, friend of our family and I decided on Keller Williams High Country for a few reasons. With the ever-changing real estate market, aligning yourself with the right real estate brokerage is essential. To have the best opportunity for success, you must be in business with a company that is going to help you thrive in every economy, not just a good one.  While most people see Keller Williams as “ONLY” a real estate company, the truth  KW is more focused on teaching, training and consulting and we kind of let the ‘real estate stuff’ take care of itself.”

Madison went on to share:

My family owns a firm that has worked with thousands of real estate agents for as long as I’ve been living and one of the advantages of having that as a resource is that I have already received a lot of great advice.  I think the insight of so many realtors who have been in the industry for ten, twenty, thirty years and longer is invaluable and just cannot be ignored or discounted. The team at Keller Williams High Country has also been awesome. Nationally, KW has so many ongoing training programs for new realtors and our local Boone NC office has more than seventy agents and many with years of experience and the top leadership act as great mentors.

ResortCams: What has surprised you the most so far as you’ve gotten started in this career of real estate?

Madison: “My family has always been in sales and I’ve interned numerous summers in lead generation and I’ve always found that most of the successful salespeople in any industry have found the balance between being helpful with their fellow sales staff while keeping their competitive edge. Everyone wants to be top dog, but I’ve learned that you have to know when to just be quiet and learn from the best and then go do YOU. I think the thing that has surprised me a bit is that at least people on our Keller Williams High Country team seem to really care about you being on the team. I think the attitude and philosophy that seems to be prevalent is that no other agent is going to stand in your way of being the best YOU.”

ResortCams: We asked Madison how she felt that she can “compete” with realtors with decades more experience.

Madison: “I think the best way is to understand that it isn’t ABOUT competing. Sure, there are awards and recognitions, but those will come if I’m blessed and fortunate enough. As far as ‘what can I do to set myself apart’, I think that comes down to a couple of things for me. One, is that the real estate transactional stuff is something that every realtor has to do. Some of the more experienced realtors can do that in their sleep. Older, more experienced realtors are connected. Referrals come to experienced realtors who have done a great service to their clients. Family recommends family, etc. I know that will come with time. ”

homes for sale in boone nc
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“However, for me, I think the biggest difference in what I bring to the table is that I have marketing resources that go beyond the older, traditional means of promoting a listing for sale or for getting more eyes on a listing. My website ( NC Mountain Properties ) is only about a month old (at the time of this story in February 7, 2023) and while most brand new websites get NO TRAFFIC, my website has seen almost 1800 unique visitors.”

“When you are trying to sell a home or piece of real estate, you want as many eyes on that listing as possible. My background in tech and marketing has already pushed my website to being one of the most visited real estate websites in the High Country over the last 30 days. Give it another 3-6 months and it will be the most visited by far.”

What Makes for a Great Realtor in Boone and Blowing Rock, NC

ResortCams: We asked Madison, beyond tech and marketing – What are the most important attributes for being a great realtor. She wrote:

A great realtor in Boone and Blowing Rock, North Carolina, should possess several key qualities and skills to ensure success in the local real estate market.

  1. Knowledge of the Area:A thorough understanding of the local real estate market is crucial for a great realtor in Boone and Blowing Rock. They should be knowledgeable about the different neighborhoods, schools, amenities, and any other factors that could impact a potential buyer’s decision. (I have lived here in the High Country for more than 25 years. I know every community.)
  2. Communication Skills:Communication is a critical component of real estate transactions. A great realtor should be an effective communicator, able to listen to their clients’ needs, ask questions, and provide information in a clear and concise manner. (While I might lack years of experience, I feel that I excel and connecting with people. I am more interested in what my clients want to say, than pushing my thoughts on them.)
  3. Marketing Expertise:A great realtor should have a strong understanding of marketing strategies and tactics. This includes the ability to effectively promote listings through a variety of channels, such as social media, email marketing, and traditional advertising. (While I have only been a realtor for a few months, I am quickly getting my name out there and working with a number of people.
  4. Negotiation Skills:Negotiating is a big part of a realtor’s job. A great realtor should be able to negotiate favorable terms for their clients. (While my years on earth my defy my abilities for negotiation, I think when it comes to negotiating right now – it is all about understanding the real value of a listing and then trying to work with all parties to meet those values for the Buyer and with the Seller and/or Seller Agent in mind. This goes back to communication.)
  5. Attention to Detail:A great realtor should be meticulous and pay attention to details. This includes ensuring all documentation is accurate and complete, keeping track of deadlines, and following up with clients to ensure their needs are being met. (I will challenge almost anyone, anywhere on my notetaking and attention to detail. I’ve told that I should sell or teach others on how to document any and all notes related to a project. I often share copies of my notes with my clients and they’ve expressed appreciation.)
  6. Networking:A great realtor should have a strong network of contacts in the local real estate community. This includes other realtors, mortgage brokers, inspectors, and other professionals in the industry. (That is why my relationship with Keller Williams High Country is so valuable. While I AM building my own network of mortgage consultants and lenders, I have an invaluable resource in my KW team.)
  7. Passion:Finally, a great realtor should have a genuine passion for helping people buy or sell properties. They should be committed to providing exceptional service to their clients, and have a deep understanding of the emotional and financial impact that a real estate transaction can have on a person’s life. (I have already enjoyed meeting so many new, clients interested in real estate in Boone and Blowing Rock NC and I enjoy hearing THEIR stories of what moved them to being interested in the area. It is such a common story – and it is MY family’s story. They visited the area for hiking, biking, golf and skiing; they fell in love with the area and decided to relocate here from Columbia, SC. I have a true passion for wanting to assist my clients in writing their own story.

If you are interested in homes, real estate, lots, land or acreage in Boone, Blowing Rock, Banner Elk, Beech Mountain or the surrounding area, we highly recommend visiting NC Mountain Properties and Boone Realtor, Madison Doble for all of your real estate needs.

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