Merry Christmas for all of us at and!

Tis the season…to WATCH SOME SKIING!

Since October 1st through December 24th we’ve seen 438,795 visits to with more than 20,000 visitors viewing during each of the last two snowstorms.  TRANSLATION – you guys like snow!

2,532,623 camera pages have been looked at in that time and we’re proud to share that we continue to add more and more cameras every week.

In JUST the last three months has been visited from 141 Countries and EVERY SINGLE STATE in the United States!


We’ve recently received A LOT of questions as to why Snowshoe Mountain cameras are not operational. They are working on it and we can assure you that they want to up as much as we want them running. They should be any day and we’d certainly expect them to be operational (all three cams) by January 5th or so.

We also have new cameras going online at The Homestead, and yet another streaming HD cam up at Beech Mountain Resort and their 5506′ elevations.

View ALL of the ski areas who work with us at:

Also VISIT:  for all of the ski resort news from the region.  for the latest weather information for all of our ski communities in the region.

Our Ski, WebCam and Weather network averages more than 25000 visitors per day and we’d love to have YOU as a regular visitor. Read our online BLOGS daily and…

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