Ashe Dining

Ashe County might be a small, rural county located high in the northernmost mountains of Western North Carolina, but it is home to tons of great places to eat. So what kind of cuisines and menus can you find in Ashe County? Read on to find out about the area eateries.

The most populated town in Ashe County is certainly West Jefferson. This town is home to a unique, historic downtown area, and there are numerous cafés, sandwich shops, bars, and fine dining establishments located on the streets of downtown West Jefferson near great places to enjoy shopping. The town of West Jefferson offers everything from the usual sub chains and fast food fare to unique locally owned coffee shops, delicious kitchens that serve up home style cooking, and fun, casual bars that have something for everyone. Click to see the West Jefferson Webcam located on the streets of downtown West Jefferson.

In addition to Places to Eat, there are a few spots off the beaten path that are worth traveling to in Ashe County. Near the New River, you will find unique antique shops that house cafés, guide shops with delis, and even a fine dining spot that serves multiple courses and delicious southern fare.

Foodies and casual diners will delight that there is something for everyone in Ashe County. You will find more than enough choices of Restaurants. Read more about Ashe County North Carolina by clicking on the information about its real estate, events, and more. Ashe County North Carolina is located just thirty minutes away from Boone and Blowing Rock.

Click to see some of the North Carolina Mountain Web Cams located in places near West Jefferson. We have Webcams located in a variety of locales and we are partnering with new sites each day to bring you more and more live shots. Click to see the Ski Cams at the North Carolina Resorts that you love, Sugar Mountain Snow Cam, and more Mountain Cams in a variety of places. We know you love our shots and we’re happy to bring them to you. Click to see some of our partners, sponsors, and advertisers of the High Country Cams that you love. Some of them offer Ashe County Dining and are restaurants nearby that we encourage you to visit!

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