Boone Shopping

Boone NC Shopping

Boone might be a tiny resort town located high in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, but it is not without its own great shopping opportunities. If you were to stop someone walking Downtown and ask them where to go Shopping, they’d probably tell you to look around! Downtown Boone and the adjacent areas are filled with adorable boutiques, one-of-a-kind antique stores, affordable hobby shops and so much more! In days past, when someone mentioned Boone, you could be certain they were not speaking of its Shopping—unless it was to say that the options were severely limited to the local Mall and small chain stores right in the heart of town. Today, in addition to the Boone Mall, there are numerous local Shops that are great for Shopping! You can find everything from home décor, luxury linens, and brand name clothing to collectors items and one-of-a-kind gifts. So what are the options for retail therapy? Read on to find out more below, or click to some of our fantastic advertisers, many of whom are well-known Shops that offer great items and deals year round.

Boone Mall

In 2007 the Boone Mall was expanded and renovated, and today, it is filled with the shops that most people know and love. Located right in the center of town, near all of the great Hotels and Restaurants in Boone, the Boone Mall is a great place to visit with friends and browse for your favorite brands. While Boone Mall does not currently have a food court, it is home to many great places to eat, as well!

Downtown Boone

Downtown Boone is most known for being home to the campus of App State. The main street that leads downtown is King Street (Hwy 421) and most of the Shopping that can be found in Downtown Boone is on King Street or on the off side streets that lead to other areas downtown. Sometimes visitors are reluctant to venture Downtown due to the issues with parking and parking fines; however, everyone going Shopping downtown should be advised to follow the signage Monday-Friday from 8-5 (which is hourly) and if they stay longer than an hour and receive a parking citation, they can easily get the ticket validated by the local Shop that they visited while shopping, or the Restaurant where they were eating during the time the citation occurred. On the weekends, parking is FREE and open so you do not have to worry about receiving a citation.

Boone Ski Shops

Because of Boone’s proximity to popular North Carolina Ski Resorts in Blowing Rock and on Sugar Mountain and Beech Mountain, Boone is filled with great Ski Shops. A few have even been in existence for decades! Most all of the Ski Shops are also Snowboarding Shops that specialize in selling ski and board equipment, and accessories including the top ski brands and boarding brands. Click to find out more about the Ski Shops in Boone, many of which have partnered with to provide images of the road conditions on the highways outside of the Ski Resorts in North Carolina.


What exactly is MISC shopping? Well, while this category might not be labeled that well, we could not think of a better term to describe the tons of other kinds of Shopping that you can find in town. There are numerous shopping centers that are filled with both locally owned businesses and nationally known companies. Some of the shopping centers that people are the most familiar with are the Hwy321/Walmart Shopping Plaza, The Shoppes at Shadowline (Harris Teeter Shopping Center), Boone Heights Drive Shopping Plaza (near the Wellness Center), and the New Market Center area just off of Hwy 421 in Boone. You can find drugstores, chain stores, and a variety of locally-owned business and Boone Restaurants at many of these Shopping centers.

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