Casino Boats at Little River

Can’t make that trip out to Las Vegas you have always dreamed of? Take a trip to Little River North Carolina and experience a day on a Little River Casino Boat instead! These boats are visited by thousands of people all year long to be boarded and taken into international waters to turn on those famous slot machines and gambling tables. Little River South Carolina is the only town that supports the Casino Boats. These Casino Boat cruises have been raved about for years and years and have been threatened to be shut down many times. Experience the gorgeous Atlantic Ocean under your feet while perhaps creating greater proceeds than what you came in with.

After enjoying that 5-hour Casino Boat experience, take those winnings and head to one of the local Restaurants and buy your family a nice sit-down dinner and maybe even go blow a few more dollars in North Myrtle Beach at a luxurious Resort looking right over the ocean. Take a look at our North Myrtle Beach Cams to check out the view before booking.

If you enjoyed being out on the gorgeous Atlantic Ocean, try taking one of the Little River Charter Boat Tours. However, if you are tired of being on the water or even got a little sea sick, try heading to the area Golf Course and relaxing for the day on the green. Send the kids to the beach and have no worries!

Looking for other Things to Do? Head down to North Myrtle Beach — it’s only minutes from Little River and you’ll always find fun and exciting Festivals going on. You may just be interested in visiting the region to check out our Web Cams, they provide great shots of Myrtle Beach. Our Resorts Cams promote some of the Best Resorts and can help you get an idea of what a Myrtle Beach Vacation is like. Check out our other Low Country Webcams, including our Hilton Head Island Cams.

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