Linville NC

The Area – Foothills

Linville is a very small mountain community located at the foot of Grandfather Mountain in Avery County North Carolina. Historically, Linville has been a best kept secret vacation getaway spot for the wealthy, and is home to several of the area’s oldest and most exclusive golf clubs and golf resorts. The views and lush landscapes found in Linville are unsurpassed even by other area towns and cities and many long to escape to Linville for a North Carolina Retreat, golf getaway, or ski vacation. Those looking for Real Estate here often desire to live in one of the many idyllic private communities.

Many times, you will travel through Linville on your way to Grandfather Mountain, Linville Caverns, and the many other mountain attractions that are nearby. The community of Linville is known for the Gorge Wilderness Area, Linville Caverns, and Linville Falls. There are a few great local stores, shops, and craft galleries that make stopping in Linville a wonderful experience. Also, there are many Cabin Rentals that are available in this area that are close by to the renowned Ski Resorts like Beech Mountain and Sugar Mountain. Browse to learn more or to see the amazing Ski Cams.

Year round, Linville is a luxury vacation destination that offers plenty to do and lots of relaxing scenic sights and sounds. Read about some of the other fantastic cities and towns in the High Country with just a click of your mouse. has more than just a directory of Western North Carolina Web Cams for you to view; you can plan a vacation, check out local resources, and so much more!

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