Murrells Inlet Fishing

If you visit Murrells Inlet South Carolina for fishing, or perhaps for delicious seafood at the areas Restaurants, then you must have heard about this tiny fishing village and its renowned reputation for being the seafood capital of the South. Murrells Inlet is known for Restaurants that serve up the freshest and most delicious entrees of the day’s catch; however, many also think of Murrells Inlet and the Charter Fishing Trips that so many of the local guide companies offer. On the Charter Fishing Trips, you and your group will be taken off shore by a local guide person and crew that has special knowledge about Fishing in the area and you’ll find some of the best spots around.

Murrells Inlet Fishing offers some of the best in the East Coast. While here, you can enjoy marsh fishing, tidal pool fishing, shark fishing, and even saltwater Deep Sea Fishing! Depending on what tour and cruise you pick, you can enjoy Fishing for a few hours, or for the entire day. Some of the creeks and areas off the beaten path are also great for Fishing. Just grab your canoe or rent a kayak and head out to the wet areas. So what can you catch when you book a trip? You can certainly book deep sea fishing charters and enjoy fishing for large game fish, or you can simply troll for other types of fish such as flounder, mackerel, sea bass, and bluefish. The further out you go, the larger the types of fish you can catch. Your guide will give you advice and help you make your trip special.

There are several great guides and companies that offer Charter Fishing Trips. Click to find out more about these great companies. In addition to Fishing, there are numerous Things to Do, including visiting and shopping at the Marshwalk, dining at the Restaurants that are so famous for their seafood, and the popular Bike Week events take place during the Grand Strand Spring Rally. We hope you visit the area, take a look at the Vacation Rentals on our site; many of the Vacation Rentals that you will find are managed by Real Estate companies. If you are interested in Rentals or real estate you can find it all in one great place. Learn more by clicking to some of the great advertisers on the Beach Cams near Murrells Inlet.

Murrells Inlet South Carolina is very close to Myrtle Beach and this area is prominent in the Grand Strand. Click to see the Myrtle Beach Webcams and Hilton Head Web Cams in our directory. They have some fantastic views! We hope to one day partner and provide a Murrells Inlet Web Cam. If you have a suggestion or would like to work with us to partner a cam, contact us. This site is always growing!

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