Myrtle Beach for Kids

Children and adults often desire different things when it comes to vacations. Kids crave excitement, while adults long for the opportunity to relax. Kids always want to be on the go, while mom and dad would be happy just sitting by the seashore or relaxing at one of the many Seaside Resorts. Luckily for families, you can find such a thing as Myrtle Beach for kids. It’s actually a place where both kids and parents can enjoy themselves equally. There are plenty of opportunities for both children and grown-ups to indulge in their favorite activities, and many adults will find that they love the things to do for Kids just as much as their children do!

Myrtle Beach SC State Park

Kids will love to visit Myrtle Beach State Park. This striking location is home to one of the last maritime forests along South Carolina’s coast, and features wonderful nature trails, one of the best Fishing Piers, and unlimited opportunities to view wildlife in its natural habitat.

Ripley’s Aquarium

Ripley’s Aquarium is one of the most popular Attractions in Myrtle Beach and both children and adults will be amazed by the variety of marine life they encounter at this amazing aquarium. Sea turtles, jellyfish, seahorses, sharks, octopi, and a dizzying array of multi-colored tropical fish will excite the senses and inspire an appreciate for our oceans in visitors both young and old.

The Children’s Museum

One of the most family-friendly Attractions, this museum affords children the opportunity to learn in a never-boring, hands-on manner. The interactive exhibits and informative programs you’ll find here are a great way for children to become more familiar with the world around them. During a visit to The Children’s Museum, kids can learn about things like South Carolina’s unique environment, their own teeth, fractions, fossils, and so much more.

Carolina Safari Jeep Tours

Carolina Safari Jeep Tours are fun for everyone! These amazing tours tie virtually every aspect of life in South Carolina into one fast-paced journey. You’ll explore the fascinating culture and history, learn about its unique ecosystems and wildlife, hear chilling ghost stories, see spectacular sights, and more — all during this incredible adventure. Your knowledgeable guide will spin exciting tales and bring history to life right before your eyes. This is one of the best Attractions in Myrtle Beach for both children and adults, and don’t worry about coming to them — they’ll pick you up at most Resorts or arrange for a convenient pick up location when you make your reservations.

Myrtle Beach Waves Water Park

Kids who need a break from the beach but want to enjoy as much fun in the sun as possible will love Myrtle Beach Waves Water Park! With raft rides and races, an array of thrilling slides, and fun activities for every member of the family, this is a great way to have fun in the water without all of that annoying sand!

There are so many fun Things to Do! This one-of-a-kind vacation destination is the perfect place for both kids and parents, and every member of the family is guaranteed to have a great time at America’s most popular beach! For a better idea of what a Myrtle Beach SC Vacation would include, take a look at our Myrtle Beach Web Cams. Don’t miss our elite advertisers, either. Use all of the provided information on our site to help you plan a trip. is all about the viewer. Check back often as we anticipate adding more South Carolina Beach Cams soon!

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