Myrtle Beach Piers

If you want to find out more about Myrtle Beach Fishing Piers, you’ve come to the right place. has all the information you need on area Piers, which are great places to enjoy all of your favorite Things to Do. Many of our local Web Cams and other South Carolina Beach Cams provide views of the South Carolina coast, which is a great place for fishing. In fact, a number of enormous fish have been caught just off the coast of South Carolina and avid anglers travel from miles around in hopes of being the next to make a record-breaking catch.

These Fishing Piers are wonderful places to enjoy unparalleled views of the Atlantic Ocean. The fantastic Piers extend well beyond the shoreline and many vacationers enjoy strolling along them while gazing at the gorgeous views of both the ocean and the shore. Anglers enjoy them because they provide ample opportunities for Fishing, and countless fishing tournaments and competitions are held right here every year.

Cherry Grove SC Pier

: Located in North Myrtle Beach, the Cherry Grove Pier is just a short drive from Myrtle Beach. One of the most popular destinations for both local and visiting anglers, it is the subject of one of our North Myrtle Beach Cams.

Myrtle Beach State Park Pier

: As far as Myrtle Beach Fishing Piers go, the State Park Pier is located in the pristine reserve of Myrtle Beach State Park, which is home to one of the last coastal maritime forests on the coast of South Carolina.

Pier 14

: Pier 14, another of the Fishing Piers, has undergone a variety of changes and rebuilds since it was first opened in 1926. Today, it is home to one of the most popular Restaurants and a great place for sight-seeing.

The Pier at Garden City

: The Garden City Pier has consistently been voted one of the best Myrtle Beach Piers. At 668 feet in length, this great pier even has a rain shelter for those inclement days.

Springmaid Beach Pier

: Having the distinction of being Myrtle Beach’s longest pier, the Springmaid Beach Pier is one of the most popular Fishing Piers. This magnificent 1,060-foot-long structure is an amazing 36 feet wide and features a 110-foot “T” at its tip. It plays host to many of the most popular fishing tournaments, and features a café and tackle shop for the convenience of visitors.

Surfside Pier

: One of the most popular Fishing Piers, Surfside Pier was originally built in 1953, and has since been rebuilt at least three times. Located in quaint Surfside Beach, it is a popular destination for tourists and fishermen alike.

While walking on many of these Fishing Piers is free of charge, a number of them do require a small fee for access, and fishing usually comes at a cost, so make sure you have cash on hand before heading to these locations.

These Attractions at Myrtle Beach and many more await you at American’s favorite beach. Though our Myrtle Beach Web Cams provide stunning views of this amazing location, there is nothing quite like experiencing the beauty of Myrtle Beach for yourself. Before planning a trip to the Low Country, make sure you view our South Carolina Webcams. We have information on all of the best locations along the Grand Strand. is also a great resource of information on Real Estate Rentals, Golf, Shopping, and so much more, so visit our site before heading to the South Carolina Low Country!

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