Port Royal SC

The Area – Beaufort SC

Interested in visiting or relocating to the South? Port Royal SC should be first on your list of places to see! The Town of Port Royal is located between Beaufort South Carolina and Battery Creek in the Low Country. Port Royal is surrounded by many historic areas.

Port Royal is acknowledged as a leader in small town New Urbanism. The Town of Port Royal is growing and becoming a grand new development as residents make improvements such as renovating historic homes, building up residential areas, and expanding the school system. The town encourages everyone to walk to your destination in town to empower their “get to know your neighbor” environment. Spend a weekend in Port Royal and enjoy a round of golf at the Golf Courses and then head to the Beaches to see a breathtaking Ocean Sunset. Take the family to dine at a Dockside Restaurant and experience some of the greatest cuisine that you have ever had.

Looking to visit other areas near Port Royal? Head over to Hilton Head Island — it’s less than an hour away! Before you get in the car and head to Hilton Head, check out our Hilton Head Island Webcams. We provide great shots of the area so that you and your family can see exactly what the weather is like!

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