Snowshoe Mountain Sees 24 Inches of Snow so Far! More Coming!

Sandy, the mega FrankenStorm, has dumped up to 24" of snow so far (as of 10am this morning – 10/30/2012) and snow is STILL snowing across much of the area.

Snowshoe Mountain in Pocahontas County, West Virginia is the BIG "winner" so far in the snow totals, and if you want a full report in who got what in terms of natural snowfall, check out  as we will be updating that site throughout the day.

We’ve heard from the following reporting locations:

Snowshoe Mountain – 24"
Beech and Sugar Mountain – 7"


First, let’s talk about our OUTAGE on Monday, October 29th. When we setup the new ResortCams.comw we purchased a new video server and invested in locating it on a ONE GIGABYTE PER SECOND connection. We knew that would/should handle the traffic and deliver the high resolution streams that you simply won’t find anywhere else.

The problem, however, was that the domain names of and the new were still "LIVING" on an older server that simply was not prepared to handle the onslaught of traffic that we began receiving late on Sunday as the snow fell.

Then Monday morning came and so did television audiences from all across the region. We heard from Fox News Charlotte, WBTV and WCNC all in Charlotte. We are also aware that several others logged onto the cameras.

The GOOD NEWS was that all of the videos were broadcasted perfectly. The bad news is that VERY FEW of you could see them! We could; the news media could (at least those with logins), but the rest of you guys were in the dark.

…and OH MY GOODNESS did you let us hear about it! I personally received tons of emails, and the phone rang off the hook. Late on Monday evening we finalized getting the website moved onto a new host server that combined with the new video server should handle the traffic and cams with tons of stability. This morning we had a small glitch and we’re still working on some things that could make the site look out of whack from time to time. However, we’re already seeing AMAZING RESULTS handling an AMAZING number of visitors to the site.


At 10:30 this morning we saw 444 visitors at once, with approximately 400+/- visitors per second hitting I have NO CLUE what kind of visitor number that will translate to today, but there’s no question that the new server is handling the load!


Snowshoe Mountain is installing THREE FULL PTZ STREAMING CAMS with us now and we just took an order for TWO PTZ STREAMING CAMS for the U.S. Foresty Service. This will all go online in the coming two weeks!


If you guys would do us a favor and if you’re not a Twitter user, you should be. That is the BEST/QUICKEST way to get all of the information about our SNOW, new cams, etc. Since we’re part of the SkiSoutheast network we’d LOVE IT if you’d follow us at  

We tweet out anytime it snows, and lots of other things of interest to you guys. If you like this website, you should follow us. (We appreciate you!)

Until next time…think MORE SNOW!

Don’t forget to visit  for all of the ski news from around the region AND for all of the best weather information FROM the mountains of the Southeast and Mid Atlantic.

Email me at: [email protected]  

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