Lakeshore Marina – Watauga Lake

Hampton, TN - Currently: 68.7°F, Overcast

In our Directory of North Carolina Web Cams, you’ll find a variety of views from not only North Carolina, but the surrounding states like Tennessee, as well. From Mountain Cams to Ski Cams, has something for everyone. One of our newest additions, our Lakeshore Marina Cam, is one of the best Mountain Web Cams we feature. The Lakeshore Marina Cam provides spectacular shots of one of the most popular marinas along the shores of the breathtaking Watauga Lake Tennessee. At this Watauga Lake Marina, you can see great views of the docks and watch as people enjoy the lake by boat. The gorgeous mountains seem to jut right out of the crystal clear water to create some of the most stunning scenery imaginable, so check out this Lake Cam for some of the best views of Watauga Lake Tennessee that you’ll ever see.

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