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Ocean Drive Pavilion

North Myrtle Beach, SC - Currently: 77°F, Clear sky

Be sure to make the OD Pavilion a stop on your next visit to North Myrtle Beach. Located at the end of Main Street in the Ocean Drive section, they have the hottest music, the coldest drinks, and a sandy dance floor with the beautiful Atlantic Ocean as their back yard. One of the last open air pavilions on the East Coast dedicated to beach music and it’s signature dance, the shag. Stop in and see why the older generation reverts back to their teenage years once they walk in the doors. They bring their children, and now their grandchildren, to this wonderful dance floor by the sea in the hopes that they can even minutely understand the love so many have for fast dancing at the OD Pavilion! Be sure to check out this web cam on weekend afternoons when the dancers gather to dance and meet with friends, old and new.

The OD Pavilion – Where it all began!