Hawksnest to Add Longer Zipline to Course

Western North Carolina is full of attractions. Kids love visiting places like Tweetsie Railroad NC, nature enthusiasts love the astonishing array of outdoor activities this area has to offer, serious shoppers are enthralled by the number of stores in the area, and those who are interested in arts and culture can always find something to do. There are also plenty of activities that will appease even the most adventurous individuals. From rock climbing to snowboarding to mountain biking, people who enjoy living life at a faster pace can find plenty to do in this region of the country. The activity that packs perhaps the biggest punch, however, is ziplining, and our area is full of opportunities to enjoy this extreme experience. One of the cameras in our Directory of Live Web Cams in North Carolina displays shots of Hawksnest Zipline, which will soon be home to a 3,000-foot Zipline in NC, the course’s longest.

Since opening his zipline course as a summer business in 2009, Hawksnest’s owner, Lenny Cottom, has claimed that his course, which allows visitors to soar high above the popular snow tubing park he also owns, is the longest on the East Coast. To ensure that this claim remains accurate, Cottom plans to add an additional 3,000-foot line to his course, which currently contains 10 other ziplines. This newest and longest zipline will bring riders on a thrilling cruise down the mountain. Since it won’t be part of the course, visitors can choose to ride the newest line independent of the others, the longest of which are 2,000 and 1,600 feet. In addition to providing one-of-a-kind views of the area’s stunning scenery, those who choose to ride the newest Zipline in NC will be able to glide high above snow tubers and even soar over those on the course’s other ziplines.

In an effort to keep his course fresh and exciting, Cottom plans to continue adding to the course and rearranging its features. Before you head over to Hawksnest Zipline, check out the North Carolina Web Cam that displays views of this exhilarating attraction. In addition to this great Western NC Webcam, we also have an array of cams that showcase impressive views from the High Country and beyond. Take a look at our Banner Elk NC Web Cam, our Asheville NC Web Cams, our Web Cam Boone NC, and the other North Carolina Mountain Web Cams we provide. To learn more about the communities in which our North Carolina Web Cams are located, read the helpful pages we’ve provided, and make sure to click on our advertisers’ links for even more relevant information about the North Carolina High Country!

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