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Between the towns of Little Switzerland and Spruce Pine NC, you’ll find the charming Skyline Village Inn, home of our newest North Carolina Web Cam. Located at milepost 331 of the Blue Ridge Parkway, Skyline Village Inn is an adorable mountain retreat with 16 guestrooms, a delightful restaurant, and an interesting past. Its construction, which took place in the 1940s, was funded by profits from a moonshine still that was located in a system of caverns on the property, and, as recently as 2005, secret tunnels that connect various parts of the property were still being discovered. Over the course of six years, John M. Greer used his expertise in the fields of carpentry and masonry to craft this gorgeous inn, and his handiwork is still present in the form of the wood paneling, marble floors, and wood inlay tables that add character to the building.

People visit Skyline Village Inn for a variety of reasons. Some come here to relax and enjoy the scenery, others come to participate in the activities the Blue Ridge Parkway has to offer, and still others visit to take advantage of Skyline Village Inn’s proximity to the quaint resort town of Little Switzerland NC. Known for the stunning views provided by its high elevation, its historic feel, and its family friendly attractions, Little Switzerland is a popular vacation destination. Gem Mining in Western NC is a popular pastime here as the mountains are ideal for this fun pursuit, and the nearby Blue Ridge Parkway provides endless opportunities to hike, bike, and just generally explore. Skyline Village Inn is also just a short drive from the Ski Resorts in NC, and is equidistant from Boone NC and Asheville North Carolina. The popular Linville NC Attractions are also easily accessible from this centrally located mountain inn. Skyline Village Inn’s onsite restaurant, which features ribs and steaks as well as vegetarian selections, is another major draw.

Whether you’re in the mood for a relaxing retreat or a vacation that keeps you on the go, you’ll love Skyline Village Inn. Before you make your reservations, check out our newest Blue Ridge Parkway Cam to get a feel for the area. You can also read about the town of Little Switzerland NC and take a look at the Boone Web Cams, Web Cams Asheville, and other Mountain Web Cams that provide views of the many areas you can discover during you stay at Skyline Village Inn. Our Directory of Live Web Cams in North Carolina can provide you with glimpses of dozens of exciting locations throughout the Blue Ridge Mountains. We even have Tennessee Live Web Cams, Web Cams in North Georgia, Lake Cams, a Web Cam in New Hampshire, and North Carolina Beach Cams.

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