Ashe County Shopping

Ashe County North Carolina is a rural mountain county located in one of the northernmost areas of the state of North Carolina. While some might not think of it as a hub for shopping and getting deals on different items, you would be surprised to find out that there are numerous places to go Shopping and the area is not without its own neat boutiques, craft galleries, and even unique stores. You won’t find a bundle of big box stores in Downtown West Jefferson, but what you will find are numerous locally owned boutiques, craft stores, book shops, and one-stop shops that won’t leave you longing to head to a big city like Charlotte. In fact, there are numerous spots in Ashe County where you can find almost anything you need, including brand name clothing, deals on shoes, art, and other great local crafts.

In addition to the fantastic Shopping areas located in Downtown West Jefferson, there are numerous great spots to shop in the smaller communities and places that are tucked away. In Ashe County, you will find numerous great antique shops and even vintage shops where you can find tons of treasures from the days of old. Also, you can find delicious culinary creations and great local wine at numerous stops that sell Ashe County Cheese and wines made at the local Winery, Thistle Meadow Winery. Ashe County is a one-of-a-kind place that offers an exceptional lifestyle in the Blue Ridge. Click to learn more about West Jefferson North Carolina, the area Real Estate for sale here, and other interesting things about Ashe County.

We have a great Ashe County Web Cam set up in Downtown West Jefferson. Check out the shots from this camera, which is conveniently located near many of the fantastic places in which you can enjoy Shopping. We also have North Carolina Mountain Cams located in a variety of other areas. Click to see some of the other popular Western NC Webcams in our directory! We also have some great resources on shopping in other areas, so click to read about the neighboring Shopping spots.

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