Hilton Head Island Fishing

Get ready to snag that big one! Hilton Head Island offers all types of fishing, including not only saltwater fishing in the ocean and sounds, but also freshwater and brackish water fishing as well. There are numerous Hot Fishing spots and the island is a popular destination for fishing getaways and Fishing Trips. Learn more about the different Fishing areas and types of fishing the island offers. Check out some of the fantastic companies that offer Guide Fishing in Hilton Head, too.

Hilton Head Fishing Charters and Guide Fishing in Hilton Head

You can get special advice and fish in little known areas when you bring along a local Fishing Guide. There are numerous Fishing Guides on the island who offer Fishing Charters, Surf Fishing, Party Boat Fishing, and special Trips where you can enjoy Deep Sea Fishing. It’s all possible here at this world class fishing destination. Families love going out on the boats and learning all about the ocean, and the Fishing Spots. Many groups look forward to making reservations year after year to go Fishing and Shrimping on Hilton Head Island with one of the Fishing Charters.

Fishing Piers in Hilton Head SC – Surf Fishing in Hilton Head SC

If you are not going to reserve one of the Fishing Charters while on your trip, or get advice from one of the local companies that offers Guide Fishing, then you can visit numerous public beach spots where you can enjoy Surf Fishing. There is also a pier if you are looking for Fishing Piers here. The Charles C. Haigh Jr. Fishing Pier is located at Pinckney Island and is a part of the Beaufort County Public Works. Fishing is permitted here on this pier for no fee; it is open year round. Fishing is not permitted off highway bridges unless otherwise noted. There are other Fishing Piers located in nearby Beaufort and Daufuskie Island. Many of the private Resorts that offer luxury accommodations also offer private Fishing spots where you can enjoy Surf Fishing. To partake in Fishing from the beach or banks of the small tidal creeks, or on a dock or pier you now need a license. The fee for the license is $11/day for a 14-day non-resident license or $5 for residents. You cannot fish in the designated swimming areas and you are not allowed to fish for sharks. If you accidently catch a shark, a sting ray, an Atlantic harp Nosed Shark, or Black Tipped Shark, you must release it. If it is large or you catch a scary sting ray, simply cut the line and allow it to swim back to the sea instead of risking injury.

Hilton Head Deep Sea Fishing

The state of SC regulates fishing up to three miles offshore; beyond that Federal regulations apply. You will need a state fishing license if you are over 16 years of age to fish from a boat. The commercial Fishing Guides and Charters will provide the fishing licenses and information on this. Some of the Fishing Charters offer onshore and offshore trips. Drift trips are fishing trips in which the boat does not move too much. Some Fishing Guides offer shark fishing later in the afternoon and evening. The offshore trips are considered Deep Sea Fishing and are usually done in a boat that carries up to 6 passengers. The charters use troll baiting (dragging the bait behind the boat while it is moving) which attracts large fish. These kinds of Fishing Trips are longer half-day and day trips where you go further out into the ocean. Those that want some serious Fishing in Hilton Head will take a trip out 70 miles offshore to the Gulf Stream; the best time to fish in the Gulf Stream is June through September, the height of the vacation season! Charters for these kinds of trips are found at almost every commercial Marina. The private Hilton Head Resorts can arrange for these kinds of trips for your party easily.

Fishing Hilton Head in the Private Hilton Head Resorts

The following private Hilton Head Resorts have their own rules and regulations regarding Fishing on their properties. Here are the rules for the three most prominent clubs:

Sea Pines: You must be a resident or guest and you need a permit from CSA, available at the security office. They will ask you to prove you are a resident or guest.

Shipyard: For residents or guests there is no license requirement and there are no restrictions.

Palmetto Dunes: Fishing is restricted to owners and guests and to the banks of the lagoon crossed by the Queen’s Folly bridge (the first bridge you come to, before the security gate), but you may not fish from the bridge. There is a guided charter, Palmetto Lagoon Charters, that conducts fishing trips on the eleven-mile lagoon (843-301-4634).

Read more to learn where to obtain a Fishing License and to learn about the rules and regulations concerning fishing for other things such as oysters, clams, shrimp, and crabs. The Low Country is a beautiful and special place where you can experience things that you would never ordinarily get to experience. Get back to nature and plan a Fishing Trip to Hilton Head! Read about the Lodging here to find out about the best, private Resorts and Vacation Rentals. We also have information on tons of Fun Things to Do in Hilton Head in addition to the Fishing!

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