New Lakeshore Marina Cam, Banner Elk is Back Up and Running

After several weeks, we’re happy to announce that the Banner Elk Highway 184 cam is back up and running. It’s one of our older cams and although it isn’t a streaming one, it apparently is one of the most popular ones on the site as I got a ton of emails about it over the last few weeks.  Check it out at the link below!

lakeshore-camThe brand new Lakeshore Marina cam went live on Friday.  I say brand new, but in actuality this location has had a webcam for years now.  We switched out the old one for a new streaming cam and I’m pretty stoked on it.  Unfortunately, the first weekend of it being live coincides with some crummy weather.  Once the sunshine returns in a few days we should really get some great views from the Watauga Lake marina.  Regardless of the weather, it’s still pretty cool to look at.  Click the link below to view it.

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